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How to incorporate a photographer in your surprise proposal

You are thinking of proposing but it's a lot of planning, the ring, you have to think of the location and timing and how to keep it a secret. Your photographer can help make it easier for you!

This is " Hiring a Secret Proposal Photographer"

How does it work?

There are a few options with hiring a proposal photographer.

1. You tell your future fiancé you have planned a fun couples photoshoot and at the right time you propose , if thats really out of character,

then option 2, is you arrange with the photographer to wait at the chosen location and they'd only start photographing when you go down to one knee. I usually pretend to be a tourist on a trip and taking photos of the view until you are ready.

Pros and Cons of Option 1 "Couples Photoshoot"


  • She will be dressed up and have make up on expecting her photos to be taken

  • The photographer will place you at the right spot and make sure there isn't anyone that will step in the photo and people are usually more likely to wait for you to finish


  • She might suspect it if its something you haven't done before

  • depending on the locations you might have to wait anxiously for a while before its the right time to propose

Pros and Cons of Option 2 "Surprise"


  • The proposal happens quicker and then you get to relax and enjoy the photoshoot after

  • Less likely for her to suspect something


  • She won't be prepared for photos

  • Getting the location and framing of background, lighting wrong, since the photographer won't be able to direct you might accidentally turn your back to them and the photos wont be as perfect ( they can always be recreated though after the initial surprise)

  • Getting lost with the photographer ( this can be avoided with constant communication if possible) I usually get there at least 30 minutes before the couple to make sure i'm not late or miss anything

Make sure to communicate all the details with the photographer

  1. Exact time

  2. A location and specifically down to the specific spot you are going to be standing. If you are travelling and you aren't sure, the photographer can help you decide on the most scenic spots and make sure to know which side to face!

  3. Make sure you have a signal, (taking off a hat or tapping on your chest) so the photographer can be at the right spot

  4. Any special request you might have

  5. Even outfits you have on and a photo of you both


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