Based in Edinburgh, Scotland 
Published Fashion Photographer
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Hello! I'm Effie, 

I'm passionate about photography and I'm here to make every photoshoot a fun experience.

I have a lot of creative interests so if you are unsure if I can help with something just ask! Always available for a chat. 

A little about me: I studied Business Management and I have been freelancing for a while, I'm originally from Cyprus but I've lived in Scotland since 2011. Love to travel hence most of my photos are of landscapes and architecture. 

Go follow me on Instagram to see more @street_photography_edin  for my proffessional account and @effieioannou for my personal one.


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Great experience doing a photo shooting around the streets of Edinburgh. Effie is a talented photographer with a unique style adapting to your needs/preferences. A kind and friendly atmosphere during the shooting, makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. And in the end, you get perfect photos!!! Definitely would recommend it!

Fiona Makou


Such a fun day of photographing with Effie! Effie is such a warm, friendly, and fun person, making the experience incredibly enjoyable as well as flexible. The photos she sent me were professional and beautiful, with some real treasures in there! 100% recommend Effie!



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Phone:  07927079283